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Both women and men may face depression, anger, stress, adjustment and transition, and other challenging experiences. These are human issues. When we address them, we not only strengthen individuals, but also strengthen relationships, families, and entire communities.

Now more than ever before, women and men want more in their relationships. To be able to verbalize what they want, in a way that is non-threatening and honest, is a huge step towards healthy connection.

One woman said, "There are moments in life that are so difficult that one feels like they might crack in half. I, like everyone else, have had these moments of complete sadness. I am so grateful that in the moments of despair I have Lee Ann Orton. Lee Ann is more than an objective therapist. Don't get me wrong. Working with Lee Ann is work. Lee Ann will make you look at yourself and work on yourself until you truly are your best version of yourself, and at times that process can be difficult. However, when you are living your best life, there is true happiness."

One man said, "Lee Ann helped me realize that I could decide for myself what I wanted in my life. She has helped me improve my relationships (with myself and others) and I am a happier and better person since I started working with her. She really knows what she is talking about."




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